Ten Awesome #LesFic Authors Who Are Giving You Their Work For Free!

Ten Awesome #LesFic Authors Who Are Giving You Their Work For Free!

Are you searching for the next best lesbian fiction book? Looking for some good lesbian romance novels or perhaps a YA Lesbian book? Do you just want to see more books with lesbian main characters?

Well look no further! Because I am delighted to be part of a fantastic anthology of lesbian short stories and extracts from all across the landscape of lesbian literature!

From cosy mysteries to tales of forbidden love in World War II, you can browse through lesbian love stories from the work of ten different lesbian authors in this completely free ebook download crammed full of some of the best lesbian fiction out there!

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Eliza Andrews | Kate Genet | Anne Hagan | Lily Hammond | E. A. Kafkalas | Annette Mori | Niamh Murphy |A. E. Radley | Alison R. Solomon | Vanda

Contained within Finger Food, you’ll find lesbian historical fiction, lesbian Sci fi, lesbian books for teens, lesbian fantasy fiction, and even lesbian mystery books! Who could want more?

Download the free ebook now and enjoy this wonderful collection of lesbian novel extracts and short stories.

Or read ahead for the list of lesbian authors and their contribution.

Whether you’re new to lesfic or a veteran reader, we think you’ll find something in the following pages that will inspire you, make you laugh, trigger a tear, turn you on, or keep you guessing. All readers are welcome, from LGBTQ people who’ve been out for decades, to those still questioning their identity, to straight allies who enjoy the lesfic genre. The ten authors included within this “sample platter” have contributed either complete short stories or excerpts from one or more of their novels. Each author’s section begins with a brief bio; each section ends with ways you can connect with her or discover more of her work. Approach this collection as you would approach a plate of appetizers: You have a chance to nibble on each of these authors, sampling what she has to offer before committing to her entrée.

1. Eliza Andrews

Eliza Andrews is a pen name of RA Marshall who describes herself as a small-town southerner living in the big city of Washington, DC. She writes a mixture of fantasy and science fiction, all starring young adults. Learn more and read books for free at

She explains on her blog the reasons that she took the name Eliza Andrews:

When I started thinking of a new pen name to write fiction featuring lesbian protagonists, I commandeered the name of an ancestor. Eliza Frances Andrews was a southern belle who lived through the Civil War as the privileged daughter of a prominent plantation owner. She became a relatively well-known novelist, essayist, and — get this — botanist.

Borrowing her name is somewhat tongue-in-cheek; Eliza was a hard-core racist and I can only imagine what she would have to say about LGBTQ people. This is my reimagining of Eliza, therefore — an Eliza 2.0, a GenX / Millenial version who grew up after women’s lib and the Civil Rights movement and Stonewall. Perhaps a 21st-century Eliza would grin at me and say, “Right on.” Perhaps the 19th-century Eliza is rolling over in her grave — if she is, call it karmic justice.

Inside Finger Food she shares extracts of both her LGBT YA books.

2. Kate Genet


Kate Genet brings you a range of stories featuring women discovering just how strong and remarkable they really are. Whether they are travelling between parallel worlds, or confronting the supernatural, or even just falling in love after having their hearts broken, these stories bring you characters whose lives took unexpected turns – and who end up the better for it.

She shares a lesbian short story, Scarcity, in the sampler.

3. Anne Hagan


Anne Hagan is an East Central Ohio based government employee by day and an author by night. She and her wife live in a tiny town that’s even smaller than the Morelville of her first fiction series and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Anne’s wife grew up there and has always considered it home. Though it’s an ultra-conservative rural community, they’re surrounded there by family, longtime friends and many other wonderful people with open hearts and minds.

Anne and her wife enjoy spending time with Anne’s son and his wife, with their nieces and nephews (and their great-nephews that they’re really still too young to have but, it is what it is) and doing many of the things you’ve read about in her bestselling books or that will be ‘fictitiously’ incorporated into future Morelville Mysteries and Morelville Cozies series books. If you’ve read about a hobby or a sport in one of her books, they probably enjoy doing it themselves or someone very close to them does.

Anne has shared her complete short story from her Loving Blue in Red States series, Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

4. Lily Hammond

Lily Hammond brings you historical romances set in different times and places, where adventurous women dare to follow their hearts, defying convention in their pursuit of happiness.

Our modern lives as lesbians are built on the bravery of the women who went before us – and their love stories are no less romantic than ours.

Lily brings us her short lesbian historical fiction Midsummer’s Night Tryst.

5. E. A. Kafkalas


Novelist and playwright, EA Kafkalas is the author of the novels “Out of Grief”, “The Second Heart”, “Soul Mistakes”, and “Frankie & Petra”, and the plays “Lopsided” and “Pandora’s Golden Box”. A true Renaissance woman, she has worked in the theatre as an actor, director and a producer. In addition, EA is a mixed media artist working with clay and acrylics.

She recently moved to a farm in upstate NY and resides with two of her best friends, her vast library of books, movies, and art supplies. The family dog, Milo, has decided that E.A. is more fun to hang with than a good doggie treat. He accompanies her on morning walks around the back 40, is happy to be her co-pilot on trips around town, and has carved out a space for himself on her bed.

When she’s not writing about the characters living inside her head, she can be found with her circle of actual friends, who have become her family and greatest support network.

E. A. Kafkalas is giving away an extract of her novel Frankie and Petra for free.

6. Annette Mori

Finger Food Insta

Annette is an award-winning author who lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her wife and their five furry kids. With eight published novels and one Goldie Award for her fourth novel, Locked Inside, she finally feels like a real author.

Annette is as much a reader as a writer and always looking for the next lesfic novel to cue up. She came up with the One Fan at a Time tagline because it rolled off the tongue much better than One Reader at a Time. After pondering who she was at her core, it was all about connecting to each reader on a personal level.

She would be the first to admit she doesn’t do well with the masses. If someone picks up her book and it touches them she believes she has achieved what she wants with her writing by reaching each reader. It is who she is at her core.

Annette is giving away a complete short love story as part of the sampler, The True Story of Valentines Day.

7. A. E. Radley


Amanda is an entrepreneur, CEO, journalist and author who publishes fiction under the pen name A.E. Radley.

London born, she currently lives in Staffordshire where she can indulge in her favourite pastime of not complaining about house prices.

A lover of lesbian fanfic tin, Amanda is a qualified digital marketing consultant there isn’t much she doesn’t know about how to waste hours on social media. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to name a few.

When not writing or working, she can be found buying unnecessary cat accessories on a popular online store for her two ungrateful strays whom she has threatened to return for the last six years.

The Writing Radleys consist of Amanda and her wife, Emma. Both are published authors of fiction who also blog about publishing, lesfic, and anything that takes their fancy on that day.

Amanda is giving away an extract of her lesbian romance, Flight SQA016 for you to enjoy.

8. Alison R. Solomon


Alison grew up in England and lived in Israel and Mexico before settling in the USA. Despite being the proud holder of three passports, she is not on any national or international Wanted list.

Alison’s short stories have been published in the USA and Mexico. As a former clinical social worker, she has presented at conferences worldwide and been published in academic textbooks, anthologies, professional journals, and newspapers on feminism, diversity and mental health.

When she’s not writing, Alison can be found chasing dolphins, messing up her knees because she insists on playing tennis, or planning a road trip with her wife Carol, and their two rescue dogs.

Alison has included an extract of her novel, Devoted, as part of Finger Food.

9. Vanda


As a playwright, Vanda has received numerous honors, among them an Edward Albee Fellowship. Her play, Vile Affections, published by Original Works was a finalist for a National Lambda Award. Her play, Patient HM, which later became The Forgetting Curve, won the Pride Stage and Screen’s Women’s Playwriting Award and another play, Why’d Ya Make Me Wear This, Joe, won Celebration Theater’s (where Naked Boys Singing originated) Best New LGBT Play. Vile Affections played at the New York International Fringe Festival to sell-out audiences and was published by Original Works in 2008. The Forgetting Curve was produced in Boston in September 2014 and the producer has plans to bring it to New York.

Vanda’s non-fiction story, “Jack,” was published in Prairie Schooner in Summer 2011 and another non-fiction piece, “Roger: Lost Between Philosophies,” which appears Pentimento was selected by New Millennium Writings for Honorable Mention from a submission pool of 1,300. Other short prose pieces have been or will be published in Sinister Wisdom, The Outrider Review and The Grub Street On-Line Journal.

An extract of Vanda’s historical romance novel, Olympus Nights on the Square (1945 – 1955), is included in the free anthology.

10. Niamh Murphy

Author Pic

If you don’t already know me, I’m Niamh (pronounced ‘Neev’) and I am a historian, archaeologist, and bestselling author of adventure books with lesbian main characters!

I’m including extracts of both of my lesbian historical adventure romances: Mask of the Highwaywoman and Escape to Pirate Island in this fantastic sampler, so if you haven’t read them then now is your chance to get a peek at the contents, absolutely free!

Grab your copy of Finger Food Now!

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