February Challenges: There’s Still Time!

February Challenges

What are you up to this February?

There are some fantastic challenges out there for readers and for authors and I’ve found two LGBT+ that I think are fabulous.

The first is F/F February and you can follow the hashtag #FFFebruary on twitter.

All through this month, book lovers @imireviewsbooks and @faeontheshelf will be chatting about their favourite F/F reads, reading as many F/F books as they can, and making recommendations, all the while challenging other readers to do the same. Not only this, but there is a bingo challenge, a photo challenge, and a giveaway!

So head over to the blog to read more, or check out the hashtag on twitter! (There is still as little time to join in #SapphicaThon but you’ll have to hurry, it only lasts until the 7th!)

The other February challenge that I’m supporting is the #LGBTWIP hosted by @AJWhiteAuthor on twitter which encourages authors to talk about their current projects!

I’m using the opportunity to chat about my little interim project: Robyn Hood: A Legend in Green.

The book is just a short novel I’m working on in-between writing books one and two of my Dark Age Trilogy – it can get very intense working on one story for an extended amount of time and it has been hugely useful to break away and work on something else for a while to let my brain reset. If you are interested in following the progress of the project you can check out the beta chapters as I put them live every Friday on Wattpad.

As for the #LGBTWIP challenge, every day there is a different challenge for authors to talk about the current works in progress, answering questions, posting snippets, quotes, insights, and images! It’s great fun and if you are an LGBT author you should definitaly join in, and if you are a reader then you might just find your new favourite author!

Do you like reader and author challenges?

Let me know in the comments about any LGBT challenges you have discovered!

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