12 Romantic Short Stories for Lesbians to Fall in Love with During the Holidays! (Plus a FREE bonus!)

The Holidays can be tricky.

Lots of visitors, lots of rounds of visiting, too much food and not enough time to sit down and read!

Well, I have gathered together the PERFECT fix – Twelve lesbian short stories with a holiday theme that can all be enjoyed in that spare few minutes you can find to yourself.

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1. Christmas Retreat

Roommates, Sidney and Baxter, can’t afford to fly home for Christmas, so they choose instead to go on a weekend singles retreat. Will they find true love? Or will they find more than what they bargained for? Read this delightful tale of love and Christmas spirit to find out!

2. Rainey’s Christmas Miracle (Rainey Bell #2.5)

When readers last saw the striking former FBI Behavioral Analyst, Rainey Bell just learned she was about to be a mother. Catch up with Rainey and Katie, before they become entwined in their next thrilling adventure, in the upcoming novel that will feature fan-favourite Molly Kincaid.

3. The Christmas Wolf

by Bridget Essex

Kathryn is on the lookout for a new roommate. She’s pretty sick of her constant diet of ramen and needs to find someone to help pay the rent, but every time a potential roommate candidate comes to see her place, it doesn’t end well. Because Kathryn likes Christmas. A lot. And her apartment is, in her words, a Christmas Wonderland. To everyone else, it’s a Christmas Nightmareland.

But when Kat meets Jewel, she has high hopes for this potential roommate. For one, she’s gorgeous as hell…actually, Kat’s pretty distracted by that fact, and her budget concerns fly out the window because of the intoxicating chemistry between the two women.

There’s just one problem…in a world where werewolves were recently outed in society, Jewel is having problems of her own finding the perfect place to live.

Because Jewel just happens to be a werewolf…

Full of Christmas cheer, heartwarming moments and sexy romance, THE CHRISTMAS WOLF is just the novella to read to get you in the holiday mood.

4. A Friend for Christmas (Boughs of Evergreen)

by J.P. Walker

Eve was always an outsider. So different from everyone else, she never made friends easily – until the day she met Anna, a totally mysterious girl who seemed almost too good to be true.

A few times over the years they had found each other, and then Anna would disappear, leading Eve to conclude that she is an imaginary friend – a perfect girl she had created in her own mind to help ride the wave of difficult teens and other troubles in life.

But what if Anna is real? Could they still be friends?

On Christmas Eve they might just discover that the magic and love they’ve found can be held onto all year round.

5. Gift of Hearts

by Melissa Grace

Thrilled to get away from her demanding job in NYC as a High Fashion Clothing Designer, Addyson takes a trip to Stowe, VT to spend Christmas skiing with her parents. When she runs into her former best friend and now Ski Patrol member, Skyler—whom she hasn’t spoken with since a falling out in high school, not even the freezing temperatures can thwart the heat that has rekindled inside their hearts (among other places), these ten years later.

6. A Country Christmas

by Rachel Maldonado

Alex Townsend has come a long way from her small country town of Kingston, Texas. Having left her small town life behind when she left for college, she’s spent nearly twenty years living in New York City working as a journalist for the New York Times. When her father suffers a massive heart attack, she flies home to Kingston to take care of his land until he recuperates. In the process, she meets a woman, Kelly Douglas, who’s almost half her age and lives and works on the Christmas tree farm next door. They each have an immediate attraction to one another but having attended school with Alex in her youth, Kelly’s mother has a secret of her own to share. Will sparks fly? And, more importantly, with whom?

7. Mountain Blend

by Lanai Juniper

In the rugged wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, barista Grace Lowe serves the guests of Winter Peak Lodge, while trying to forget the ghosts of her past. When the wealthy, hard-partying Sutherland family arrives at the resort for their annual Christmas vacation, Grace realizes she can hide behind her coffee bar no longer. She has to take matters into her own hands to prevent a horrible prank-gone-wrong against the beautiful youngest daughter of the one family she has vowed to never help. On the stunning slopes of a dangerous winter wonderland, Grace must choose her own path and decide who she really is in life and love.

8. The Perfect Present

by Jade Winters

Two strangers…
One shared wish…
Will Christmas magic make it come true?…Melody is a Christmas Grinch. Still reeling from a childhood tragedy that struck on Christmas Eve, the last thing she wants to do is celebrate. Her holiday spirit is further diminished when she discovers her girlfriend cheating on her. She’d rather deck her than deck the halls.In the hope of cheering her up, Melody’s best friend persuades her to drop a wish in Santa’s post box. Though Melody’s reluctant to trust in love again or believe in Santa, she asks him for the gift of true love.Holly is a cynical singleton. Having no special someone to spend Christmas with makes it even worse for her. On Christmas Eve, things take an unexpected turn when her father makes a request: he wants Holly to deliver a gift to a woman whose identity remains a mystery.Could this be the year that Melody and Holly get all they want for Christmas?

9. Christmas Eve at the Purple Owl Café (A lesbian holiday romance)

by Cora Buhlert

After a massive row with her parents over intolerable relatives, Katie finds herself all alone for the holidays. So she heads for the one place in town where everyone is welcome on Christmas Eve, the legendary Purple Owl Café.

The Purple Owl Café has a chequered sixty-year history. These days it’s not just a place for good music and conversation, it also happens to be a lesbian bar.

Katie doesn’t mind, though so far her life was too busy for romance of any kind. But that’s about to change when Katie meets Jess at the Christmas Eve party at the Purple Owl Café…

10. Comfort and Joy (A Holiday Romance Novella)

by Karin Kallmaker

Home from Afghanistan to surprise her mother, Milla doesn’t expect more than the best apple pie in the world and the bliss of unrationed hot showers. She’s not counting on futures — or meeting a woman like Tyna.

11. An Indiana Christmas

by Natalie Vivien

It’s Christmastime for one crazy, disaster-prone dog…

This is Bella Farley and Comfort Allen’s first Christmas together, and the two women are falling more in love every day as they build new Christmas traditions with each other. But when they add Indiana, their hyperactive border collie, into the mix, there’s chaos in Christmas.

Excited about finding their first tree together, Comfort takes Bella to a Christmas tree farm in the country, but a freak winter storm descends, and Indiana may be their only hope to save Christmas…and his owners’ lives.

12. (This one is FREE) Delicious

by Niamh Murphy (That’s me!)

Charlotte is invited to a boisterous New Year’s party and struggles to get close to the woman she craves, her gorgeous cookery teacher, Nadia.

She soon realises she is pining for someone way out of her league and resolves to leave the party and try to overcome her obsession. But Nadia is not the type to let Charlotte go that easily…

‘Delicious’ is an erotic lesbian romance about longing, craving, and new experiences in an exciting and seductive short story that you can read now ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Delicious eBook Cover

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Check out this cute list of 12 Romantic Short Stories for Lesbians to Fall in Love with During the Holidays! (Plus a FREE bonus!) Click To Tweet

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