#Win the #Lesfic novel Nights Like This

Divya Sood is the author of the novel NIGHTS LIKE THIS, this week she has a guest post over at IHeartLesFic.com and alongside this there is the chance to enter a giveaway to win yourself a copy of her novel!

Nights-Like-This-e1501847266847“LOVE is a haphazard thing that blows like the wind this way and that and then, having found a nook to settle in, quiets down and beats in a heart full of haphazard hope.”  And so begins the story of Jess, an unapologetic Indian woman in her mid twenties caught between two careers and the attention of two very different women.  Trying to write fiction at Starbucks while pretending to study for MCATs, Jess balances her relationship with her live in girlfriend, Anjali and the a woman whom Jess meets randomly and believes she wholeheartedly loves, Vanessa.  It takes scandal, betrayal, heartbreak, and a trip halfway around the world for Jess to find herself at the risk of losing all that ever mattered.

So if you want to be in with a chance of winning, you can head straight over to the giveaway page!

But if you want to hear more about the author and where she got the idea for Nights like this, you can head straight  over to her awesome guest blog at the fab IHeartLesFic.com.


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