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The Shop is OPEN!

Since I republished Mask of the Highwaywoman at the beginning of last year I’ve had readers asking if they could purchase a signed copy, and when I published Escape to Pirate Island back in May, the number of enquires increased ten-fold!

Gretel PosterIt’s something I have been meaning to do for the longest time, and although it isn’t perfect I can now open the doors to my little online shop!

All my books are available as signed copies and after a few people requested posters of my books covers, I have managed to source an online retailer – although I am looking into getting some more cost-effective posters, in the meantime there are postcards of the book covers at a far more reasonable rate!

All the products can be shipped worldwide, but the cost of shipping for some people may be prohibitive, so I’m working on a finding some cool bookplates that can be signed and sent out at a far lower shipping rate, but you can still place it inside your own copy of the book.

If you are interested in taking a snoop around, just click here.

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