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The ONE HUNDRED Videos Challenge!

I am not usually someone for New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I have decided on a huge challenge.

To upload one hundred videos to YouTube over the next twelve months.


Because it scares me. Because I have tried to put myself on youtube before and the videos weren’t ‘perfect’ so I took them down again. Because I don’t want to be stopped by something just because it’s frightening.

I am a writer, the written word is my domain. But I still think video is a fantastic medium to communicate and so I have decided to just overcome my demons and create a hundred videos.

I’m not going to worry about the quality of the video I’m just going to use my phone without any specialist equipment – no mic, no lighting, no SFX! I won’t be worrying about how I look, or how I sound, or how long the video ends up being. I’m not going to spend hours editing, in fact, I’m not going to edit at all!

I am getting rid of everything that has put me off doing this for so long and just do it!

If you want to see the very first video I made, then tap on the challenge video below!


If you want to join me on the adventure and see if I manage to upload those one hundred videos, then click the button to head over to the channel and subscribe!


But a hundred videos, even if they are all only a minute long, is still a LOT of content.

I’ll be talking about my books, the ones I have written and the ones on my shelves, I can do readings, and talk about my writing.

But what would you like to see me do?

If you have any suggestions for content or a question you’d like me to answer in video form, then just leave a comment below!

Wish me luck!

Happy New Year!

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