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The One Hundred Videos Challenge!

I am not usually someone for New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I have decided on a huge challenge.

To upload one hundred videos to YouTube over the next twelve months.


Because it scares me. Because I have tried to put myself on youtube before and the videos weren’t ‘perfect’ so I took them down again. Because I don’t want to be stopped by something just because it’s frightening.

I am a writer, the written word is my domain. But I still think video is a fantastic medium to communicate and so I have decided to just overcome my demons and create a hundred videos.


I’m not going to worry about the quality of the video I’m just going to use my phone without any specialist equipment – no mic, no lighting, no SFX! I won’t be worrying about how I look, or how I sound, or how long the video ends up being. I’m not going to spend hours editing, in fact, I’m not going to edit at all!

I am getting rid of everything that has put me off doing this for so long and just do it!

I’m not even going to worry about analytics or keywords or anything complicated, I am just throwing the videos up on the tube and getting rid of this fear by fire.

But a hundred videos, even if they are all only a minute long, is still a LOT of content.

I’ll be talking about my books, the ones I have written and the ones on my shelves, I can do readings, and talk about my writing.

But what would you like to see me do?

If you have any suggestions for content or a question you’d like me to answer in video form, then just let me know in the comments, and wish me luck!


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