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The Lesbian Romantic: Audio Drama

I have just discovered The Lesbian Romantic!

It is a weekly audio drama podcast and there are new episodes of the latest drama, The Diva Story, every Tuesday.


The Diva Story

Hannah Emsworth – Leroy has a date…with her mother. She hates their plans for the evening, but still tries to make the best of it. It’s only one night after all. What Hannah doesn’t know? Tonight’s just the beginning…


But there are also two other series available to download, including:


Visual1-768x402The Blogger Story

Emily is a VP Research & Development at an international tech company. She travels around the world, alone, and likes her solitary life. But now, she’s about to get company.



spacestory-768x402The Space Story

You’re in a space ship. You’ll never get back to earth. And there is no one else there with you. Well, except for this female cyborg. And she’s…hot.


So, if you like your drama with a little added Lesbian Romance and you are looking for a brand new podcast to lighten up your daily commute, then why not head over to The Lesbian Romantic and check out the stories for your self!

The Lesbian Romantic can also be found talking all things LesFic on Twitter and if you want to catch some behind the scenes action, check out the Instagram.

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