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Notes on a WIP: Dark Age

Every so often I like to share a little about the project I am working on.

Right now that happens to be my fantasy novel, Dark Age.

It is set in the deep past, but also in a slightly alternative version of the world we know. In this land it is an ‘almost-past’ a world that could have been if you trace some of our legends back and start to believe in them:

Quote Dark Age 6It takes place in a land divided into ‘tribes’ or ‘kingdoms’ which is very much inspired by the Middle-earth of the The Lord of the Rings stories. In this land, there are Dwarves, Elves, Giants, Pixies, and even swamp people or ‘Fenners’.

The is also a great dollop of inspiration taken from the Narnia series, not just the fantasy world but more specifically the Fenners which are a tribute to my favourite character from the Narnia series, the Marshwiggle, Puddleglum who appears in the sixth book, The Silver Crown.

Incidently, the Serpent Queen and her underground Kingdom which also appear in The Silver Chair were the main inspiration behind my Arthurian tale, The Lady Edris and The Kingdom in a Cave which appears in my Magic and Romance Anthology. #Trivia

I will be making sure I visit some of the places that appear in my book as well, some of 2714371841_e5f03fe746_zthese places no longer exist in reality but have been reconstructed, such as Sea Henge, which makes an appearance during the first half of my book and has been reconstructed at Lynn Museum in Norfolk. I genuinely can’t wait for that day out! I am a sucker for museums… especially the gift shops!

Also on my travels will be West Stow, a reconstruction of an Anglo Saxon Village which I have based my Meadow Elf village on, Sutton Hoo, which is a museum that has some of the ancient cultural artefacts that will be native to my Wealderfolk, and Mountfitchet Castle, as I am thinking this will be very much like the Druid City that is visited toward the end of the book.

I really wish I could go on a round tour of England & Wales, visiting ALL the places that appear in my story such as the Preseli mountains, Cornwall, Glastonbury Tor, and not forgetting Stone Henge itself!

But for now, I will have to rely on memories from old visits and the internet to help me navigate my version of the world of Albion.

If you’d like to take a sneak peek at the first draft of the book as I work on it, then head over to wattpad and take a look at a couple of chapters I’ve already released.

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