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New Story! A Dark Age Prequel


I have had a busy few days working on a second draft of a little prequel to my upcoming trilogy, Dark Age.

It is only in a rough form at the moment (with a really rough cover!) but it is ready for beta readers and that means YOU!

I’ve always found wattpadto be an incredibly useful app for sharing and reading stories so I will be updating the story weekly with a new chapter (ten in total) each wednesday, so check it out!


If wattpad is not your thing, don’t worry! I’ll be repeating the chapter by sharing it to this blog each Friday, so keep and eye out for chapter one this week!

If you want to stay up to date with all my new stories and releases, you can follow along in my reader’s group and get a free copy of Mask of the Highwaywoman to start off with!

Happy Wednesday!

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