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I’m finally home from L-Fest! After a few days away from my desk, it feels good to be back home again.


As some of you may know I headed up to the festival as I was appearing on the Author Panel to do a reading from Escape to Pirate Island.

I decided to read a chapter right in the middle of the book, no spoilers, but Cat and Lily have got themselves into a bit of bother!

I am thinking of recording the reading so everyone can hear me and my terrible acting!

I was super nervous but a very kind audience put me at ease and I managed to get through it without too many mistakes!

Just to give you a little flavour of the panel, I shall introduce you to the other authors I was lucky enough to be featured with.

Wollie Boehm

WBFilmmaker Wollie Boehm, originally from South Africa but currently living in London, started her creative career with an English degree. She is a skilled experienced film maker with a growing portfolio of award winning short and feature scripts and films. We were lucky enough to have her on board as our lovely host but she was also there in her role as Sam Skyborne, author of several (over 18’s only) novels.

She put us all at ease by being brave enough to do her reading first, and she treated us to quite a steamy and intriguing scene from her latest novel, Risk.

RISK_Cover_04_18_400x566Toni Mendez, an ex-cop turned private investigator in London, takes on a case to find the truth behind the violent murder of the young wife of a successful entrepreneur, Lucille Ransom-Evans. Little did she know that this case would bring to her door Maxine Bennett, a feisty, opinionated, American detective, on the hunt for a serial killer.
Maxine not only infiltrates Toni’s working life presenting a sore reminder of a profession she once loved, she also invades her private life by seducing her best friend, Lizbeth Du Cannon. As the investigation continues, Toni is immersed more and more, both professionally and privately, into a subculture she knew only from a distance – the LGBTQ+ world. She is forced to reassess everything she thought she knew about herself and the foundations of her long-term friendship with Lizbeth.

Anna Larner

Anna LarnerI did not realise this before, but Anna Larner is a poet as well as a novelist. She has a degree in English Literature and Master’s degrees in The Word & Visual Imagination, and Museum Studies.

Also, she has written and curated a permanent exhibition of LGBT voices and memorabilia, based at Leicester’s LGBT Centre, one of the first permanent exhibitions in the UK.

I was eager to hear her read from her debut novel, Highland Fling, and she was brave enough to read from one of the steamiest scenes in the novel!

highland-fling-book-cover1Eve Eddison describes her ideal woman to her best friend, Roxanne, over pints in their local pub a few days before she travels to the Scottish Highlands. There she falls head over heels for an enigmatic local, Moira Burns, and the usually reticent Eve wants more than a holiday romance.

Forestry officer Moira Burns has no intention of letting go—either of past pain or for present pleasure. If that means she misses out on her chance at happiness, so be it. Convinced Eve is headed for heartbreak, Roxanne advises her to let Moira go…but has Eve found her ideal woman at last?

From the breathtaking Highlands of Scotland to the buzz of a Leicester gay bar, family and friendship are tested to breaking point, as letting go proves painfully hard.

Rosie Wilby

RWRosie Wilby is a writer, performer, musician and stand-up. I have been lucky enough to see Rosie perform her comedy before, and I was really excited to hear from her new book, Is Monogamy Dead? and I was not disappointed!

As she talked us through her hilarious ‘Lesbian Sauna’ escapade I was laughing so much I found it difficult to breathe, she really is one not to be missed, and it was an absolute joy to be able to share the stage with her.

C8XDfvnW0AIe0JMBittersweet, original, honest and so funny. Rosie Wilby nails the challenges of intimacy and romance in this depressing age of Tinder. Would it be wrong to end a life of monogamy and leave my husband for her? Viv Groskop “My favourite way to learn is when a funny, clever, honest person is teaching me- that’s why I love Rosie Wilby!” Sara Pascoe

In early 2013, comedian Rosie Wilby found herself at a crossroads with everything she’d ever believed about romantic relationships. When people asked, ‘who’s the love of your life?’ there was no simple answer. Did they mean her former flatmate who she’d experienced the most ecstatic, heady, yet ultimately doomed, fling with? Or did they mean the deep, lasting companionate partnerships that gave her a sense of belonging and family? Surely, most human beings need both.

Mixing humour, heartache and science, Is Monogamy Dead? details Rosie’s very personal quest to find out why Western society is clinging to a concept that doesn’t work that well for some of us and is laden with ambiguous assumptions.

I had a great time listening to these readings from other writers and it was a privilege to be able to sit on stage alongside them.

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    1. HAHA! Thank you! Yeah I think I was over-compensating for the nerves :/ It was terrifying! I might try and get sme readings recorded and put them up online; that would be a little less intimidating!

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