I’m Back From Ireland!

So, after a long time away from my desk with intermittent WiFi (not to mention intermittent sunshine!) I’1m finally back at my desk properly and ready to get started with work again.

I have found it extremely hard to be away from my desk and from my stories, I’ve left so many unanswered emails and messages that I don’t know where to start! But I did have a wonderful time on the West Coast of Ireland, I learned so much and saw so much, it was an incredibly insporing trip and I am simply bursting with ideas.

If you follow me on Instagram than you will have already seen some of these photographs (some of them were shared through to facebook and tumblr as well) but for those who missed out, I’ll take you through my little holiday/research trip/writer’s retreat.4

We travelled to county Kerry, landing in Kerry airport and driving through Tralee – famous as the home of the Rose of Tralee contest. It was after this that we ran into trouble and on a miserable wet day, with the heaven’s wide open and letting out a torrential flood of rain, we found ourselves on the Conor Pass.

Now, for those of you who don’t know Ireland, this is a cliff road with an almost sheer drop! There was so much rain that there were waterfalls pouring into the road and these miserable looking photographs show just how poor the visibility was! It was scary stuff! But I have to admit to finding the whole thing pretty exciting and I think there will definataly have to be a perilous cliff path clamber in my next book (even more perilous than the cliff clamber in my last book!).

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But for the next few days the the sun shone through the clouds and we were able to explore the Dingle Penninsula, venturing along further cliff roads and admiring the frankly breathtaking views.

The mountains really were wonderful and I could have admired them forever; they took3 me right back to my childhood days exploring the Preseli Mountains of South West Wales. There were freshwater brooks bubbling over well-worn pebbles and tumbling through the grassy banks toward sheer cliffs where sea gulls squawked overhead and brave sheep munched away in the sloping pastures. The hills were littered with ancient buidlings, many ruins but some, like Gallarus Oratory, stood firm and as strong and complete as the day the last stone was laid.

On the one hand, I would go back there in a heartbeat, on the other hand, it has been nothing but baking hot sunshine since I arrived back home in the UK (plus I have internet again!) but the mountains, ruins, people, and myths of the island of Ireland have seeped a little more into my soul and I am certain there will be many trips back to the Emerald Isle and many more stories will be set in those exhaustingly beautiful locations.


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