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Guerrilla Publishing Bootcamp: Challenge #2

The most interesting thing I have noticed about doing the Guerrilla Publishing Bookseller Bootcamp (say that three times fast!) is that I’m not only following the daily email prompts, but those prompts are pushing me to do more and to get on with things that I have been meaning to for a long time.

Like starting my little shop – right now its just a list of my books but it is FINALLY set up! I started out as a bit of a WordPress-phobe but this week I just pushed ahead and got it done! This means I can now start adding products like signed paperbacks, bookmarks, posters, and some really cool merchandise that has been suggested by people on my mailing list.

(I set up a survey to find out what people wanted, if you’re curious, you can take a look here and if you fancy joining my mailing list so you can get involved in that kind of stuff all the time, head over here)

But today is a new day and so there is a new Guerrilla Publishing Bookseller Bootcamp Challenge!

Today was focused on ‘pitching’ our book to readers. So we’ve been looking at what it is that makes our book different to others in the genre, the ‘ingredients’ that the story contains, and what the heart of the story is, plus it doesn’t hurt to add some great art that inspired the story!

So, since I’m working on something new and totally different to anything I have worked on before I think it is a great project to start pitching, deep breath, here goes!

Dragon Whisper(1)

In a world where immortal dragons are revered as divine spirits, and their souls are tied to the very lands in which they dwell, what happens when they turn against their people? What happens when the Gods are hungry?

Enter a land of Dark Wizards, and Warrior Queens, where the fate of every being depends on one young woman who can hear the Dragon’s Whisper…

Dragon Whisper is Book One in a thrilling fantasy adventure, with epic battles, non-stop action, and breathtaking romance.

The complete series:

  1. Dragon Essence (A Prequal to the Dark Age Trilogy)
  2. Dragon Whisper
  3. Dragon Mage
  4. Dragon War

I haven’t decided on the final titles yet, but what do you think so far? Would you give it a read? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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