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Guerilla Publishing Bootcamp: Challenge #1

You may know from previous posts that I have started Derek Murphy’s new Guerilla Publishing course.

Untitled design(14)The first part of the course is the Bookseller Bootcamp! A daily email with a whole new bunch of stuff to learn and a super steep learning curve! Some of it is completely new, a lot of it is familiar and good to go over again so I can put right some of the things I’ve been doing ‘wrong’ for far too long.

We have spent this last week focusing on keywords, book categories, and getting to know genres. This is really basic stuff that needs to be right in order to make sure we know where, on the store shelves, our books should sit (and to make sure it actually gets there).

Alongside this, we have been thinking about how we, as authors, should be describing ourselves so that we can instantly explain who we are, what we write, and who would like our books.

It sounds so simple but it is so hard to get right!

After a week of emails and video tutorials, we were challenged to put what we had learned into action…

We had to write a short bio and an ‘elevator pitch’ describing our novel.

Here’s my short bio:

I’m Niamh Murphy, a historian, archaeologist, and author of adventure books with lesbian main characters.

And my ‘quick pitch’:

A thrilling ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ style adventure with a pair of feisty young women at the helm.

CaptureJust a few words but really intense to get right.

It is by no means the finished thing and I am sure I will tweak and tweak then tweak again. For now, though, I am happy to be done for the day. Derek Murphy also suggested a few possible rewards so that everyone can start to get the balance right between hard work and reward – this is actually something I don’t take as seriously as I should. But I did today! YAY!

I have a brand new Wonder Woman mug (I am taking over the house with my ever growing mug collection!), I’m finally going to start Dreadnought, and I had an awesomely delicious triple chocolate cake – way too awesome for me to wait until after the picture to eat it!

So how did I do? Does that elevator pitch sound right for Escape to Pirate Island? Would you still pick it up if that was all you knew about it?

What about my bio? Too much? Not enough? Would you still come to my website if that was all you had ever heard of me?

I’d love to hear your suggestions! And if you have you have a bio or a pitch – I’d love to read it!

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