Giveaway: THE ORGANIZATION Annette Mori

Another day, another AWESOME #LesFic Giveaway!

The fabulous TB Markinson (who has guest posted here just this week) is hosting a brand new Giveaway over on her site, I Heart LesFic!

You can win a FREE copy of Annette Mori‘s brand new novel, The Organisation.

Organization-coverThe feisty, fiery women from Asset Management are back for another heart-stopping adventure! This time, their sights are set on a new mob boss Leonid Petrov who is more cunning and ten times more ruthless than the slave trader they took on in Asset Management.

No one is more surprised than Val when she is tagged as the go-to member of the team. Her task…infiltrate Leonid’s inner circle and work with another agent already on the inside. Val’s impenetrable exterior is starting to crumble, but Maggie, the head of The Organization doesn’t have a better option. Tasked with keeping Leonid’s impossible new wife, Gina, safe, Val encounters more problems than solutions.

Will wild card Gina provide Val the inspiration to take on her violent husband, or will that inspiration lead to Val’s downfall? Find out in this intriguing, fast-paced, romantic adventure just what love can do. Will it be Val’s Achilles heel and lead to her demise, or will it fill her with a strength she didn’t know she had?


Then head straight over to the giveaway page to be in with a chance!

Then why not get a sneak peek at the novel with a free sample?

Annette Mori

Annette Mori is an award-winning author who lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her wife and their five furry kids. With eight (soon to be nine) published novels and one Goldie Award for her fourth novel, Locked Inside, she finally feels like a real author. Annette is as much a reader as a writer and always looking for the next lesfic novel to cue up.

Drop her a line she loves to hear from readers: annettemori0859@gmail.com or sign up for her mailing list . You can also follow her blog here.


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