Get a Sneak-Peek at my Upcoming work!

If you love #LesFic then surely there is nothing you would like more than free #LesFic! Well, now you can have just that! Because I am back to updating my latest lesbian fiction stories over on my favourite app for writers and readers alike: Wattpad.

The Crimson KnightIf you haven’t heard of it, then skedaddle over there right now and get reading! There are hundreds of #LGBT stories all for free from writers who are passionate about what they do.

Many are just starting out but equally, there are seasoned writers (Margaret Atwood anyone?) who want their work to reach a new audience, and there are many who, like me, are simply testing out their latest ideas and responding to feedback as they go along.

Right now I’m working on a fantasy story called Dark Age, think Lord of the Rings Lesbians, there will be an epic quest, Magic, revenge, adventure, wild beasts, and there might even be a dragon or two!

But that is only my main story!Quote Dark Age

I’m also working on The Crimson Knight – a medieval tale complete with a knight in disguise, a grand tournament, great castles, tyrannical kings, and lovelorn princesses! And of course, it wouldn’t be a Niamh Murphy story if it didn’t have a lesbian romance threading its way through the narrative.

But there’s more! Jupiter; a science fiction story set two-hundred and fifty years in the future, The Mariner’s Wife; a strange tale of war, alternative realities, superweapons and forbidden love! Hollow Water; the story of a teenager lost in the wrong world, who discovers the portal to another…

I have so many stories to tell and if you want to hear more, then join me over on Wattpad and get the earliest peek at what I’m cooking up!



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