Working With Authors

I am always on the look-out for other authors to work with on promoting our work, promoting sales, and building email lists.

So, if you are an indie author, ideally writing LesFic, LGBT, or any Queer fiction then I want to work with you!


Here's a few examples of how we can work together:


Social Media:

Simply joining up on social media, communicating, reposting, and sharing each other’s work. Follow me, say ‘hi’, re-tweet my pinned tweet, ask me to retweet or share something – I’m happy to!


I am interested in receiving your guest posts for my blog – including Q&A’s or Author Interviews, Cover reveals, extracts, price promotions, new releases, and any other suggestions for content, and I would be delighted to produce content for your blog or newsletter too.



Working as a team to promote one another’s sale, new release, reader magnet etc either all at the same time in a joint promotion, or one book at a time in a cross promotion.


Joint Giveaways:

Working together to promote a giveaway bundle of ebooks (or if you are in the UK, paperbacks). Many Authors use the site ‘instafreebie’ however if you don’t have the funds to pay for the site I use a promotion tool called Bookfetti and am happy to host bundle giveaways.


Anthologies & Boxed Sets:

Working together to produce new titles on Amazon, combining genre specific short stories into Anthologies and novels with a common theme into boxed sets. This is a long-term strategy that takes a little more effort to put in place but if done right can bring huge benefits.

So, if any of those sound of interest, or if you have some ideas for promotion you’d like to share, please, don’t hesitate to contact me on the form below!

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