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Dark Age: Draft 1.2

It is always tough to write the first draft.

But after spending hours writing a 40,000 word first draft of my new fantasy novel Dark Age over the summer, I knew something wasn’t working.

That was when I decided to start over.

inspiration collageThis isn’t quite a ‘second draft’ – in my mind, a second draft is a reworking of the first – this is a second first draft. It is a complete overhaul, every word from that first draft has gone, every scene has been completely changed so as to be entirely unrecognisable as part of that first book.


Because it wasn’t the story I wanted to tell. I hadn’t spent enough time marinating on the details, making sure I really knew the characters and the world they inhabited, the motivations of the people involved and the events that occurred to them and the events they instigate as a result.

Now I know who I am writing about, I know what they want, and I know the trouble they are going to face getting it.

By writing it ‘wrong’ I have travelled further along the path to writing it ‘right’.

My tale starts in the same place, the mysterious Forest of Anderida, with the same event, a funeral pyre. But what this event now causes is wholly different, and throws my main character, Bre’Enna, into an adventure she could never have imagined possible.

I am just about to settle into writing part one of the book.

Wish me luck!

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