I will admit that I am not always online as I am often busy working away on my next book. So, I have compiled a quick FAQ for the most common queries. Take a look and see if I have already answered your question before filling in the query form:

How do you pronounce ‘Niamh’?

I know this can be a tricky one! It is not said the way it looks. Pronounce it: ‘Neev’ to rhyme with ‘Steve’

Can I read your books for free?

I do provide a LOT of free stories and books in my Book Group. You can sign up here.
I also place early drafts of my novels on Wattpad as I write them (I don’t keep them on there forever so make sure you don’t miss them!).

I don’t have Amazon in my country. How can I buy your books?

I’m afraid most of my books are exclusive to Amazon. But I am working on a way for readers anywhere in the world to get hold of my paperback books.

Do you know where I can get free lesbian fiction?

I have been asked this so frequently that I compiled a list.

Will you be writing a sequel to [insert name of favourite book]?

Probably. But these things take time! Follow me on social media to get the latest updates on my current projects.

Do you do anything to support other LGBT+ Authors?

I certainly do! Take a look at my ‘For Authors‘ page if you would like to submit a guest post, interview, promo, or anything else!

I’m an author. Do you have any marketing advice?

I’m afraid I’m still learning! There isn’t much I could tell you that isn’t easily available in a quick google search. But if you are looking for thorough advice and support then I would heartily recommend Derek Murphy [no relation] of

If I haven’t got your issue covered here, then a great place to find answers, or to give me a shout, is social media. You can send me a direct message on facebook, or a quick tweet on twitter:

Still haven’t got what you’re looking for? That’s fine. I keep a regular eye on my emails and should be able to get back to your request within a few days, just fill out the form:

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