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61dGyDh858L._UX250_I have been lucky enough to get a few minutes to sit down and chate with #LesFic Author CL Cattano who has a variety of creative interests including, but not limited to, creating art, writing, riding her bike, and throwing huge lesbian parties.

Here, she answers a few of my burning questions, and I started off by asking her what she had been up to lately:

I just returned from the GCLS Conference and had a lot of fun sharing my books and meeting authors and readers. I even got to sign a few autographs! lol! I only asked for one autograph though and that was from the lesfic reviewer Velvet Lounger! lol! She was a great sport and fun to meet.

HAHA! That’s great! I’m off to my first festival next week, I’m excited about meeting new authors, too!

Could you tell us more about your books?

My books mix everything from romance, suspense, drama, sex, humor and who knows what else! In Cursed Hearts, my first book, I even add a little transcendental romance.51jLUKGz3TL._UY250_

At the moment, for the most part, I write contemporary fiction by not confining myself to literary boundaries and try to reflect the realities, insanities, farcicalities, ironies, comedies and ambiguities present in our modern culture. I do, however, at times, like to add a little fantasy, history, and strangeness to my work.

So how would you define your work?

Sometimes I find it difficult to choose what genres to select when asked to define my work so I usually go with Contemporary Romance. I guess I can’t get away without saying that my books have lesbian main characters, so that is probably a genre too. However, I don’t think the sexual identity of the main characters should limit the readers who might pick it up.

Nothing I write about is exclusive to lesbian or straight people. I tend to have characters that span the spectrum of types but if I feel I can’t do a character justice I either let it go or I get help making sure I portray them in a correct and respectable manner.

I couldn’t agree more! So how do you plan your work? I know some people like to define themselves as either a Pantser or a Plotter, which one are you?

Well, I will add a different term and call myself a planster.

HAHA! Fair enough! So, how does that work?

I usually start with an idea, character or problem. Then I plot a basic path, timeline or endgame for the book then I throw up road blocks that characters have to dig out of to move forward.

What determines their success or failure is based on how the character is molded and how malleable or concrete they become as the story flows and the problems arise. Sometimes the character drives the story in a way that changes my initial intent and that’s when things get interesting.

After getting the basic book, or series, finished I go back and pay a lot of attention to the interaction of the characters and make sure they all keep within the psychological profile I’ve given them.

So do you write stand alone books, or are all your books part of a series?

51vC7Ih4QjL._UY250_I am actually doing both at the moment. I have one stand-alone published – Cursed Hearts, and am working on a serial called Salvaggio’s Light that will be a ten book series. At the moment I have the three of the books in the series out. This series is really one continuous story that, while focused on a specific time period for the characters, actually tells almost the entire life story of the main character, Rafaella Salvaggio. Well, at least the important parts that pertain to what is happening in the story.

The first book in the series is Shattered Paradise and it sets the base for the rest of the books. You are introduced to into the world all of the many characters and the problems, relationships and drama happening in their world. It and the books that follow are full of all kinds of drama, action and surprises for the characters.

I like both the stand alone and the serial books projects, and have stories for both types in the works.

A ten book series! That’s sound amazing! So do you hide any secrets or Easter eggs in your novels?

Oh yes, there are lots of secrets and surprises in the Salvaggio’s Light books.

I suggest reading from the beginning or you may miss a lot of important information and themes throughout the books. Sometimes the reader will know more than the characters and at times the reader, unless they are very astute, will be as surprised about things as the characters.

That sounds fab, so what books are you working on at the moment?

My next book in the Salvaggio’s Light Series – Wildling’s Claim should be out next month (August 2017). It is the 4th book in the series. This book is a big turning point in the story so I hope readers like it.

Oh, and I’m very approachable and LOVE talking about the Salvaggio’s Light Series so if anyone wants to chat on Facebook feel free to post on my Salvaggio’s Light Page or my regular Author C L Cattano FB feed.

That’s all the time we had together, but if you want to know more, check out CL’s profile:

CL Cattano

zCikGVQz_400x400 C.L. Cattano lives in the Midwestern U.S. with her partner and their dog somewhere between the city and the forest.

“Cursed Hearts” is her first published work. Her new series Salvaggio’s Light is in the works and the books in the series are out now! For a full listing of CL’s novels, please visit her Amazon page.

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