A Coming Out Story: From India

What happens when you are living in arranged marriage, unable to talk to anyone about about the doubts you have around your sexuality? Even doubts about your humanity?

Kritagya has decided to write about his experiences, in an honest, straight from the heart, autobiography of the years between 2012 and 2014. He hopes his book will help to start a conversation about sexuality and identity and offer help to confused youngsters which simply was not there for him.

KritagyaI am Kritagya. I am an ordinary man. A human just like you. I laugh, I cry, I feel, I eat & drink and I sleep. And yet I am considered different. Through my book ‘COMING OUT…. SCRIBBLINGS FROM THE HEART’, which , I have opened my real self to everyone. My reality is that my sexual orientation is gay. I explain, through these scribblings, my feelings, my confusion and my fears when I realized I was gay and the discrimination I faced when others came to know about my sexuality. It mentions how I was able to deal with it and be a confident person as I am today.

This is a book that shows the a different world and different country to the one you might be used to, and yet the stories, the humanity, is still the same.

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