Behind the ScenesDelicious

Behind the Scenes: Delicious

Delicious eBook CoverCharlotte is invited to a boisterous New Year’s party and struggles to get close to the woman she craves, her gorgeous cookery teacher, Nadia. She soon realises she is pining for someone way out of her league and resolves to leave the party and try to overcome her obsession.

But Nadia is not the type to let Charlotte go that easily…

‘Delicious’ is an erotic lesbian romance about longing, craving, and new experiences in an exciting and seductive short story that will leave you feeling uplifted and delighted.

This short story has had many forms over the years. I originally wrote it to be included in an anthology of New Year short stories by Torque Press back in 2012, and was so thrilled when it was accepted!

The initial idea was the result of a simple but overwhelming challenge I set myself: write good sex! For many people (myself included!) sex is not something they feel comfortable talking about let alone writing.

In my two earliest short stories, ‘Break Away’ and ‘Retreat’ I ‘faded to black’ or avoided the subject. And although I still think that ‘closing the door’ was the right choice for those stories, I did not want to ignore sex out of fear or embarrassment.

So, when I saw the call for submissions requesting erotic stories on the theme of ‘New Year, New Experiences’, I decided I would take up the gauntlet and challenge myself!

I had the main theme of ‘New Year, New Experiences’ and I knew it had to be short, so I kept it simple: a couple of contemporary characters at a New Year Party.

I have to be honest and confess that the object of my main character’s desire is (very Delicious eBook Coverloosely) based on a certain dark-haired celebrity chef who enjoys consuming her creations with zeal. It wasn’t difficult to imagine being infatuated with such a woman! Her particular choice of career also inspired me to create the parallel themes of food and consumption, hence the title; Delicious.

Although an erotic story, I worked hard to avoid using certain words and phrases so often found in erotica which I find quite jarring (I will not list them here!). Although many readers enjoy graphic depictions of sex and find the corresponding anatomical descriptions titillating, I prefer a gentler touch and hope that at least some readers feel the same. So, although I didn’t hold back, I hinted and suggested in places where I felt explicit exposition would have been superfluous. I know this is a risk, after all, it is erotic fiction, but I wanted to create something true to myself and I hope you agree it was the right choice.

Overall, I was relieved and happy to have been accepted to the original anthology; I felt the acceptance validated my experiment and although I have tweaked the story here and there since its original publication, I am delighted to be able to publish the story again as both an eBook and a paperback chapbook, so if you haven’t  seen it already, you can take a look, here and for the paperback, here.



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