16 Great Reads for Lesbians and Queer Girls who Love Pirates!

Love Pirates?

Want to read some great Pirate adventures with a lesbian main character?

Well, I have collected together some fantastic books to sate you thirst for all thing piratical!


The Sea Hawk

The Sea Hawk

A Marine Archaeologist, a violent storm, and some spectacular time travel shenanigans! Can love conquer everything, even time?


Taming the Wolff

Taming the Wolff

Mayhem. Brutality. Murder. A Captain of the high seas, with a heart hardened by life, finds herself unable to guard her heart from the tumultuous desires a stranger awakens.


Once Upon a Time

Once Upon A Time

A prophecy, a Princess, and a Pirate some together in an epic and exciting high seas adventure that will capture your imagination.


Captain Caiterina O’Creagh: A Pirate Adventure

Captain Caiterina O'Creagh

A fearsome Pirate, Captain Caiterina O’Creagh of the Black Liberty is about to meet Lady Elizabeth Bromley, daughter of Lord Bromley of Bolingbroke and both their lives are about to change forever…


Spanish Eyes

Spanish Eyes.jpg

Ianna McClarrin has a fate that seems inevitable until pirates intervene! Will she honour her father’s wishes or forge ahead into unknown waters?


Branded Ann

Branded Ann

A bloodthirsty Pirate Captain with eyes like ice, a prisoner with a secret, and map that leads to a legendary treasure! No one is safe in this thrilling adventure!


Water Witch: The Deceiver’s Grave

Water Witch

Pirates and Magic combine in this legendary fantasy pirate adventure following Pirate Captain Bess O’Bedlam, and Marguerite de Vries, a Dutch thief who holds the key to a king’s ransom. The search for lost gold becomes a race against time as the women must overcome many enemies in their quest for the treasure…and each other’s love.


The Pirate’s Booty (The Plundered Chronicles Book 1)

Prates booty

Pirate Chicks, Lusty Wenches, Sword Fights and Plunder? What’s not to love? Come sail the high seas in this exciting and erotic adventure with the fierce pirate Gallagher as your guide. You’re in for a wild ride!


 The Spanish Pearl

The Spanish Pearl

Sent back in time and captured by a band of mercenaries, Kate Vincent must flee exotic harems, filthy dungeons, and treacherous Moorish courts as she is torn between two women, and between two centuries. The Spanish Pearl will capture your imagination just as Kate’s dilemma captures your heart.


Pirated Love

Pirated Love

Lady Claire was sailing to submit to marriage when her ship was captured by a pirate Captain known as Black Betty, who had other plans for Lady Claire. Will they survive the dangers of the high seas and the first years of a relationship that neither expected to find?


A Pirate’s Heart

A Pirate's Heart

Two stories, separated by three hundred years but mirrored by a quest for a map and a quest for love. Revenge and love play an important role in this mystery adventure!


Revenge of the Parson’s Daughter

Revenge of the Parson’s Daughter

A Pirate, a Parsons daughter, and a wealthy aristocrat, all vying to get what they want and what they want is each other! Jane Austen was never like this!


Skulls & Crossbones: Tales of Woman Pirates

Skulls & Crossbones

This adventurous anthology has everything from Viking battles to space banditry! All the stories focus on women pirates and many of them are lady loving women who follow the code of the Skull & Crossbones.


The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin

The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin

A reluctant prisoner and the daughter of a pirate captain navigate the perilous territories of gypsies, prostitutes, mercenaries, and slave-traders, as they forge a partnership born of necessity that grow to love.


Shell Game

Shell Game

A Ruthless Pirate Queen enslaves a village girl, Lynn. In between encounters with old girlfriends, a slow death involving marmalade, and bounty hunters with no sense of humour, Lynn and her new mistress attempt to work out exactly what they are to each other–and who’s in charge.


Escape to Pirate Island (This is mine)


You can’t run away from yourself…

The year is 1720 and two young women are about to find themselves in more trouble than they could ever have imagined possible.

Cat Meadows is a smuggler who’s built her reputation on the backs of unsuspecting souls.

Lily Exquemelin has been left nothing by her father but his troubles and his treasure map.

Forced to make a desperate escape, they each find themselves on a Trans-Atlantic adventure that will pit them against pirates, mutineers, lost treasure, and each other!

Can they learn to trust one another and escape the clutches of their would-be captors or will their past’s finally catch up to them?

Find out in this swashbuckling, romantic adventure!

Get it now on Amazon!


BONUS: The Unbinding of Mary Reade – only available for pre-order

The Unbinding of Mary Reade

Disguised as a boy, Mary Read has run away and ended up in a pirate crew but when she finds herself falling for the captain’s mistress, she risks everything―her childhood love, her place among the crew, and even her life.

Let me know which ones you have read, which ones you have missed, and if you have discovered any I haven’t then share them in the comments below!

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